• Image of SP36-East End girl dancing the Lambeth Walk, 1939

"The Lambeth Walk" is a song from the 1937 musical 'Me and My Girl'. The song takes its name from a local street once notable for its street market and working class culture in Lambeth, an area of London, England.
The tune gave its name to a Cockney dance first made popular in 1937 by Lupino Lane. The story line of the original show concerns a Cockney barrow boy who inherits an earldom but almost loses his Lambeth girlfriend.

This beautiful black and white photograph is hand made from a Bill Brandt Archive negative. This is as close to Brandt's original photograph as most people can purchase, and it is beautiful.

Each print is on Ilford paper with a numbered stamp verso.

Edition size: 35
Medium: silver gelatin
Print size: 16 x 20 inches
Stamp: verso and numbered
Pricing: rises after every 5 in edition are sold

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