• Image of SP07-Gull's Nest, Midsummer Eve,
 Isle of Skye 1947

"I had discovered the eggs one sunny afternoon, but as the light was then too flat and the nest looked too pretty for this very wild part of the island, I decided to come back in the evening. It was almost midsummer-night and the pale green twilight started rather late.

When I approached the nest on an isolated outpost of rocks, an enormously large gull which had been sitting on the eggs, flew off and circled low around my head, barking like a dog. It was windstill, the mountains of the Scottish mainland were reflected in the sea - the light was now just right for the picture." - Bill Brandt

Each print is on Ilford paper with a numbered stamp verso.

Edition size: 35
Medium: silver gelatin
Print size: 16 x 20 inches
Stamp: verso and numbered
Pricing: rises after every 5 in edition are sold

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